Hi I’m Nicole, and thank you for checking out my website.

About Me

I am married with two children (along with a few fur babies). Originally from Kansas, I moved to the Bay Area after meeting my husband while working in Hawaii.


Photography started out as a hobby while scuba diving. Trying to shoot moving critters underwater is a great way to hone your photography skills. I stumbled into photographing swim lessons, and have been photographing children underwater since 2013.  From there I continued to work on my craft shooting portraits, babies, weddings or whatever came my way.


I welcomed my first child in 2014 and my second in 2016. My kids inspired me to take my passion for photography to the next level and A Poppy Photo was created.

I use both natural and professional lighting in my photography. I like the flexibility that this gives me to get the look I’m going for; whether I’m shooting posed or candid shots.


I am mainly an East Bay photographer, but am willing to travel around the greater bay area (or beyond). 

If you would like more information I would love to chat. Click the button below or email