Swim School Underwater Sessions

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to print the liability/model release?

The release form through Adobe Sign uses an electronic signature, so there is no need to print to sign. Please contact me with any questions or concerns regarding the form.

Does the $15 session cost include images?

The $15 per family covers the underwater photography time with me only. Digital images are purchased separately. I do offer a one-time $15 credit towards digital image purchases for the first 2 weeks after picture proofs are sent out.

Do I need to get in the water?

If your child is under 3 years an adult needs to get in the water with them. This is for their safety, as well as comfort. I love working with children, but I am a stranger and taking underwater pictures is a big new experience for them. Having a parent there for support can give extra comfort and make it more enjoyable. I also have a swim instructor in the water with me for extra support. Parents are also always welcome to sign up to take pictures underwater with their children.

How long is my child in the water?

Each child is in the water with me for about 4 minutes. These sessions are fast and fun. If I have a child that is a little nervous and needs a bit more attention, I do my best work to with them around the schedule. I was a swim instructor myself before I was a photographer, and I am very good at helping kids in the water. For those who continue to sign up with me, it is wonderful watching your child grow in their swimming abilities.

sisters swimming
family swimming underwater

Does my child need to be able to swim on their own?

No, your child does not need to be able to swim on their own to participate. I have a swim instructor in the water to help me with any kiddos who can’t swim on their own yet. These are underwater pictures though, so if your child is not comfortable putting their face in the water then they are probably not ready for an underwater photography session yet. The exception to this is babies, as we do quick dips with them. If you have any questions or concerns about your child and one of my sessions, please contact me. I am more than happy to answer questions.

How do you get pictures of the little babies?

I always have an instructor in the water with me. I have the instructor do a very quick underwater dip like they do in water baby classes. I give the parent the option as to whether or not they want the instructor to quickly let go of the baby before lifting them out of the water. Babies underwater make all sorts of different faces, and I have found that each baby is pretty consistent on whatever face they make. That means they will do it every time. As a parent I love these because babies change so quickly, so I am just documenting where they are at this stage in their lives.

boy swimming for rings
Baby girl swimming
baby boy swimming
baby girl swimming

I really like the images without goggles. Should I bring my child’s goggles?

I recommend bringing goggles to your session. Not every child is comfortable swimming without them yet. If you have a preference let me know before your session.

A note about goggles

All goggles photograph differently. There may be some shadowing which can be lightened but not fully removed during editing.

Can my child bring special outfits/mermaid tails/props?

If you would like your child to be photographed with special props or outfits/mermaid tails from your home, please reach out to me beforehand. I bring special holiday props to underwater sessions in October and November that families are welcome to use.

When can I see my child’s images after the session?

Your image proofs will be emailed to you within 3 weeks after the session. Please make sure to check your spam folder.

How long does it take to receive my images after I order?

Image orders are fulfilled in the order I receive them. Most digital image orders are sent out within a week of receiving them as long as I am not out of the office. My own kids get sick just like yours, and occasionally I may take a few days to go do something fun with them.

Boy with shark goggles swimming
girl in purple swimsuit

How long can I order images?

Images are available for purchase for 3 months after proofs are emailed out. I also offer a one-time $15 credit towards digital image purchases for the first 2 weeks after picture proofs are sent out.

Brothers swimming

I hope this answers some questions you may have had. If you have any others, or want more information please reach out. As a parent myself I try to be as flexible as I can with other families. These sessions are so much fun, and I look forward to working with your family.

Happy Swimming